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Lynn Onyx's Journal

I'm an impersonal Furry

Lynn Onyx
Due to an old curse cast on Lynn Onyx's family in ancient China, she is a were-panda. Currently, she is in her pandaling form. She is a petite eighteen-and-a-half-years-old teenage panda-girl with a soft, fine layer of black and white fur covering her body. Her face is round, with a small little bear nose, a large panda smile, and big black circles around her cheery black eyes. A thick bushy patch of black fur tops her head, and she wears a pink tanktop and a pair of baggy blue and white striped shorts.

My Furry Code

FUPh3m A-- C D-- H+ M++ W Z- Sf+ RLCT/ET a+ cm++$ iw++++$ p+ sm+

bamboo, delicious bamboo, did i mention bamboo, donuts, dragons, eating bamboo, fresh bamboo, furries, furrymuck, giantesses, giants, macrophilia, microphilia, pandas, tapestries, tasty bamboo, tigers, wolves, yummy bamboo